alien pod lasercut and etched clear acrylic inside Alien Starship

Howdy, Jay here from JEMTOY. My little UFO Space Ships have gone through a lot of changes. My first one didn’t even light up. After letting a few kids play around with my flying saucers, I heard that they wanted to see an Alien inside that pod. I designed a little acrylic Alien, etched his face so it would ominously catch the LED light glowing inside the pod. The design and build gets more complex with each additional detail, but it’s all about having a great design at the end. Of course the kids wanted to see an Alien in there. Duh. ‘Nuff said. Done, and done.

The Alien Starship is lasercut maple ply and clear acrylic lights up in many colors LED to create light shows

I have several versions of UFO Flying Saucers up in my bigcartel shop.

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