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Howdy, Jay here from JEMTOY again. I enjoyed making my larger UFO lamp, but since I only had one globe, it is a one of a kind. The point of creating .svg files for laser cutting is to easily reproduce your design, so I was looking for a way to make more flying saucer toys.

I like small things. I saw a few of my daughter’s gum ball capsules and thought, those would make nifty pods for flying saucers. There’s something fun about recognizable objects. Plus the capsule is usually discarded, not intended for play. This changes that. This makes them awesome!

One of the largest tasks was finding the small electrical parts needed to keep the UFO as small as possible. I purchase several switches and parts, and choose which ones will work best for my design. Then I have to measure every angle of these electrical parts and create cut paths for the laser cutter. It takes a little trial and error to get everything to fit. There is a lot of gratification when you get all the vector files perfect. The Glowforge cuts all the parts, and I solder and put the little UFOs together. It feels like a miracle every time. I know it’s math, but it feels like magic.

After I finished the first one, my wife seemed disappointed that it didn’t light up. I had only made a teeny tiny UFO toy. So after several versions I have challenged myself to fit in a coin cell battery holder, on/off switch, and color changing LED, and I’m so glad I did. They put on an amazing light show for such a tiny space craft. That bubble gum capsule is so happy to finally be included in the fun, it does something freaky to the light sending a nebula of space patterns all over the ceiling. I’m super happy with this little UFO design and intend to get a few up for sale on the JEMTOY.com shop so others can get totally spaced out with me.

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