3 Suiko by Sunguts sofubi soft vinyl with laser cut miniature ouija board

I have not slept since my Glowforge delivered. All I have done is work on Inkscape and run from my computer to the Glowforge. I started out making miniature versions of games I know and love. With each project I challenge myself more: moving parts, gears, things that must fit and work together. Feeling pretty good about it.

I had a lot of fears about whether or not it would be a good fit for me. I work a lot with my hands. Not really into computer process. After I got a feel for drawing with Bezier curves, I now can say I LOVE Inkscape and enjoy laying out my cut paths with it. The projects still feel organic since I have to put the pieces all together by hand, reprint any pieces that didn’t work out the first time. So far so good.

Laser cut rubber band gun made of maple plywood, clear acrylic, and held together by nuts and bolts.

I feel confidant in my purchase of my Glowforge now that I have actually played around with it for a few days. If you are curious about laser cutting, check out the Glowforge by using this referral link that automatically saves you a ton of $ if you decide to purchase.

3 Suiko by Sunguts sofubi soft vinyl designer toys with laser cut miniature games ouija board and monopoly

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  1. If you feel comfortable with it, I would love to see your process for designing in inkscape. Amazing work for such a short period of time.

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