Hey – Jay from JEMTOY here again playing with the Glowforge Laser Cutter at Midcoast Maker!

A while back I purchased a nifty star globe night light on Amazon. It projects pretty colored stars spinning across the ceiling in your room at night to relax to. If you don’t like that sort of thing, it comes with a frosty globe that fits over it so the stars only project on the frosty globe, taking most of the roller coaster nausea fun out of it. Because I like a room full of spinning stars I thought I’d make another lamp to upcycle the unused frosty globe.

After looking at the frosty globe long and hard, for like maybe ten seconds, I decided it had to become a classic 1950’s flying saucer. I’m new at all this Inkscape and Glowforge stuff, so there was a bit of sanding and mucking about to get this thing together. I had made the fit a bit too exact and tight. I only have one frosty globe, so it’s a one of a kind. You’d have to buy that crazy lamp to get the globe anyway. I’m getting a little better at each build, so it’s really exciting to me. I design all day on the computer, push a button, and then I have a puzzle that may or may not go together. So far, so good. It’s fun.

The flying saucer is powered by a slow color changing LED and 3 volt coin cell under the frosty globe. The red on off switch is on the bottom, near the legs with comet and star cutaways. The acrylic disc makes the UFO look like Saturn and sends stripes across the walls as it changes color. On to the next project!

Woo hoo!

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