Howdy, Jay E. Moores here from JEMTOY. Here is one of my first Inkscape designs for Glowforge in svg format for anyone that wants to give it a go. It’s a classic rubber band gun and you can watch the gears work though the acrylic handle. I use 1/8″ proof grade medium maple plywood and clear acrylic. The holes are 1/8″ and I have a few half inch 4-40 nuts and bolts to hold it all together. The gears may unscrew during use, so I used a drop of loctite on the gear nuts to keep ’em in place. Maybe a pop rivet would be better? Not sure, but I want to try it.

Be sure to print the acrylic gun twice, it is the “bread” of our “sandwich”.  Take one acrylic half and put a 1/2″ bolt in each hole placing a washer on each bolt EXCEPT the gears. The washers act as spacers to allow a little room for the gears to easily spin. Put the gears and trigger in place. Move the trigger all the way back, top gear tab should look as below. When trigger is all the way forward, the gear tab should be straight up.

Place the barrel and handle in place, adding another washer. Do not add washers to gears. Add the second acrylic half and tighten nuts to hold together. Be sure top gear tab is set correctly before you tighten it all together.

rubber band gun SVG for Glowforgeå

A rubber band or a small hair band will give the trigger the power to return. It can rest in the groove over or under the trigger. A large rubber band could be doubled over and rest on both grooves. The other end goes into the hook at end of trigger.

Here it is, armed and dangerous. The hair band on bottom powers the trigger. The red rubber band on top shoots when trigger is pressed.

rubber band gun by JEMTOY tutorial instructions and SVG file for Glowforge

You have to find the sweet spot so the bolts are not too tight, or the gears won’t move freely and the toy will not work. I use small washers inside the acrylic on all non-gear bolts, so gears have a little clearance to move. Connect a rubber band to the hook at nose of gun, and connect to the gear tab. Pull trigger to release rubber band. Remember to always play nice.

Acrylic and wood cut files are included together all stacked up as I designed it. Drag the pieces out to fit on your wood and acrylic for cutting. The only part that is acrylic are the two outer handles. Be sure to burn two acrylic handles, one for each side because the svg file only has it once. Simply duplicate the acrylic layer and cut two when printing. The gears, trigger, and rest are all made of wood. When using a Glowforge I suggest cutting this svg in this order: red, blue, black. I stripped the svg of all art so you can print as is, or add your own art. Free svg is for non-commercial use only. Please attribute and share alike. Let me know if you made one, I’d love to see it!

Rubberband Gun by JEMTOY – Free SVG for Glowforge

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  1. Thanks I just downloaded it , have to check if I have enough acrylic to cut. will reply back when it is done, thank you!

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