Know those little square plastic bread tabs that keep plastic bags closed? I save those. Sure, it keeps plastic from littering the environment, but really, it’s because I’ve always thought they’d make good ammo.

Bread Tab Shooter

This is an easy project anyone can make at home. Get a hard wood stick from outside. A 3/4″ maple or oak branch off the ground will do. You need a saw, any saw from electric jig saw to hack saw, to cut the branch and sandpaper 100 grit to make it all finished and feel smooth.

Just a couple swipes with your saw to make a shallow cut groove. You want the groove to be deep enough to catch the bread tab when under pressure, but not so deep it doesn’t shoot forward when released. If you cut your groove too deep, cut the branch off and cut another groove until it works. I angled my cut slightly forward to help it release and shoot.

This is a dangerous (awesome) toy so please do not aim or shoot at people or pets. Don’t put an eye out, because that’s when the fun stops! If your bread tabs are the type with bumps on each edge, use scissors or tin snips and cut the little bumps away so each edge is straight and fits easily into the groove.

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