Howday Hey, it’s Jay from JEMTOY here messin’ around with the Glowforge at Midcoast Maker. I continue to challenge myself with the laser cutter. This week was all about different forms of wood joinery techniques. I have been making lots of little 1/8″ tabs and learning how to make a Living Hinge. What’s a Living Hinge you ask? It’s when the laser cutter cuts lots of little lines until the wood can bend around a corner.

I was thinking about what I would make. What is a basic rectangle shape, but has rounded corners? I started to draw and I realized it was BMO from Adventure Time! I immediately thought how cool it would be to make a nifty mood lamp so BMO’s acrylic face would light up and changes colors.


It took me several variations before my Living Hinge lived. BMO and I killed several of the poor things until they were no longer alive. Instead of Living Hinges I had perforated wood that snapped when pressure was applied. Look at that heap of Dead Hinges above. It didn’t stop me, in fact, it only drove me harder to task. I kept trying.


Finally, 10mm cuts with 2mm spaces at y axis and x axis worked. My first prototype needed about 1/8″ removed to fit right, so I actually made a second BMO because I want a perfect cut file that simply goes together like a puzzle. The second just glued together easy. Yeah!

BMO would make an excellent project enclosure for any electronics project. He’s just an empty box! It would be cool to include ports and switches for easy Arduino hook up. ArduiMO perhaps…?

Having two BMOs to keep out of trouble is not so easy. While I was pondering about ArduiMO little BMO II made a huge mess in the sewing area at Midcoast Maker. Thread everywhere. Sorry about that, gang. I’ll clean it up. Promise.


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